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      Most churches, buses, and many homes and cars contain a first aid kit. These kits often contain life-saving materials that can be used to provide immediate assistance to someone in immediate need after suffering a cut, burn, or bite from an insect. What do we do though when we encounter someone with an emotional need? You know, over the course of your life we are going to come into contact with people suffering from far more emotional needs than physical needs. We need an emotional first aid kit.

      Here we have an emotional first aid kit for every church, family, and office. In the kit, you will find the revised version of “First Aid for Emotional Hurts.” The book describes the basic skills one needs to utilize when administering emotional first aid. You will also find a basic overview of grief, depression, anxiety, addictions, and serious mental disorders like schizophrenia and family problems. Reading this book will not turn you into a psychologist, physician or pastor but it will provide the average person with the information they need to render first aid.

      Also, note that the kit contains several booklets. There is a booklet about how to find a professional helper, grief, depression, addictions, sexual problems, marriage problems, emotional problems children have, learning problems, and even one on how to improve your help. You can read this booklet to provide yourself with more information about the problem but it is designed to give directly to the one who is depressed, grieving, or struggling with an addiction.

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