Dear Leader,

​There is probably no area that is associated with more stigma and confusion than that of emotional and mental illness.  Those who struggle with emotional problems often suffer under a cloud, embarrassed to seek the help of mature believers in the church.  When they do seek help, leaders and other believers are often ill prepared to help them.  Indeed, the confusion and ignorance about these issues can lead those in the church to harm hurting people.  First Aid for Emotional Hurts was written to equip believer in basic emotional first aid skills.  As a leader, you have been entrusted with the responsibility of equipping those in your congregation to provide this assistance.

By reading First Aid debilitating myths can be debunked of debilitating myths and helping skills acquired.  However, it is important to plan and prepare if we are to truly be effective helping agents.  That is the goal of this leader guide.  Discussion of the chapters of First Aid ​will enable your group members to get a better grasp of this material and to the group with strategies they can use to assist those around them.

Participants will need to read the chapters of the book before each chapter discussion.  As the leader, you will need to read the content especially closely and challenge members to put into action the helping strategies discussed.

You are undertaking a very important and needed task.  May God bless you and guide you as you equip your saints to do this important ministry.

Edward E. Moody, Jr.

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Leader Guide