Chapter 1          What To Do When You Don't know What to Do

                           All about the basics of providing emotional first aid

Chapter 2          What To Do When You Are In Over Your Head

                           How to find the appropriate professional for the problems people experience

​Chapter 3          Real Faith

                           What is the role of faith in addressing emotional problems?

                           What about taking medication?

​Chapter 4          Getting Proactive:  Developing Resilience

                          What steps can be taken to build spiritually and emotionally healthy people?

Chapter 5          When Down Gets Dangerous

                           What you can do to help someone who is depressed.  

                           What does the Bible say about depression?

Chapter 6          ​Breaking the Deadly Cycle

                          What you can do to help those who struggle with addictions.

Chapter 7         Helping People with Problems We Do Not Understand

                         How to help people with problems like schizophrenia.

Chapter 8         Helping People Overcome Grief and Loss

                         What you can do to comfort those who grieve.

Chapter 9         Helping People Survive and Thrive

                          How to help those who struggle with fear and anxiety.

Chapter 10       Helping Families Survive and Thrive

                         How to help develop healthy families.

Table of Contents